1.01 Hand-in: Hello World!

Howdy Programmer!

Welcome to the world of Hyper Text Markup Language - HTML. Think of HTML as a language that controls how things are displayed in a web browser. The programming code of HTML is made of tags.

For example, <!doctype html> means we are using the latest version of HTML, HTML5.

Anything inside the <title> tag appears on the title bar.

<h1> tags are used to enclose the biggest headings in a document. Use them to organize the information in your documents.

<p> tags are very common and used to enclose paragraphs in your document.

For most tags, you use them as a pair, normal at the beginning and then with a slash at the end: <strong>emphasized text</strong>.

Saving your work

In this course, work is passed in electronically to your teacher. This means that if it does not get saved electronically and passed in, it does not get marked.

In your student home directory, typically H:/, create a folder called, "Computer Programming 12".

Open your editor and save the empty document as "1.01H-HelloWorld-LastName.html" in your new Computer Programming 12 directory. Programmers usually save their documents with an intelligent filename before they even begin.

Note the exact characters used in your filename. In computer programming you need to be exact about your code and filenames or things won't work the way you would like. Same with your teacher: if you do not get the filename correct, it will not appear as handed in. Be precise!

A great beginning

Type the example code into your document.

Use Notepad as your editor. You can find it by going to Start MenuProgramsAccessoriesNotepad.

Change the code to suit your personality, but follow the same format as the example as closely as you can. You can't cut and past: part of coding is learning the rhythm of typing in the language. Once you are finished, drag and drop your document into the pass in folder, typically at I:/ddrapak/Computer Programming 12/.

The above code will create the following:

Extend and expand

I am curious what else you can do. Do you know any HTML? Put some additional code in there!

Evaluation (out of 10)